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I’m looking for a way to automatically ping Google with any updates to my blog. Currently I use the WordPress SEO Host plugin which dynamically updates a sitemap file whenever I make changes. Then I have to go over to Google webmaster tools and manually resubmit the sitemap. As a programmer, I find this manual update offensive. Anyway, this post isn’t about that (I’ll post the solution to that problem when I find it).


WordPress’s Update Services automatically “ping” various services whenever you update your blog (note that some hosting providers turn this ability off). You can find the config for these services under Settings->Writing. The default setting (as of this writing — WP 3.7.1) is to ping rpc.pingomatic.com. Pingomatic then notifies various search engines (including Google Blog Search) of your blog changes. Excellent. Potential traffic with zero work. However, there are more update services that work with WordPress and that can potentially send more traffic to your site (which I am assuming is what you want). You can find a manually vetted list here:


Just copy and paste the list into your WP Update Services text field, and there you go.


I couldn’t find a way to test if the pings were actually being sent, so I went to pingomatic.com and manually entered the site. I got a message, “Slow down cowboy!” and that I just submitted less than 5 minutes ago. I’ll take that as an “it’s working”.

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