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QUESTION: What Google adsense plugin meets my needs in WordPress?

I should start by saying that there are a *lot* of plugins offering to set up and display your Adsense ads. I only tried three.


Just tried the “Google Adsense for Responsive Design – GARD” plugin for WordPress. Link is here:

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I don’t like it because you need to shortcode everything and there doesn’t appear to be widgets. I don’t want to have to remember to add the shortcode to each post.

By the way, I tend to rapid-fire installing plugins until I find one that works. Screw the research and documentation.

Adsense Explosion

Visit plugin site

So this plugin had a better widget. I added a 250×250 ad pretty quickly to the right panel. However, placing the ads in posts didn’t work so well. You can align left, right or center (above or below the post title). Left is too far left, right is too far right, and center is not centered. The plugin doesn’t seem to have an interface to add some custom css to tweak the position. Blah.

Edit: I didn’t delete this plugin when I tried the Easy Adsense plugin below. I went back to it and re-saved everything and now the ads are lining up as you would expect them to. Also, the plugin honors the 3-ad count that Google will kick you out of their club if you violate. I think I will stick with this guy.

Easy AdSense

Don’t bother with this one. The interface is limited. Also, it seems to only allow you to display ads of one set of dimensions (250×250, for instance, but not 250×250 and 768×90).

Solution: Use Adsense Explosion.


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