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The problem occurs when running NGINX,
WordPress, and WP Total Cache, though
it could probably happen in other

I usually use Chrome to do all my web browsing. As such, for small site updates I don’t always test the changes using all the big 4 browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) — just Chrome. Yes, that wasn’t how I was taught and I know I’m being lazy. Nevertheless, this method has worked OK for me over time, for the most part. Up until the point where I noticed, quite by accident, Safari displaying garbage characters for specific webpages on one of my sites.

What’s worse is that although I just noticed the problem, I was sure it probably had existed for quite some time, since I hadn’t made any major changes to this particular website in awhile. Oh, bother.

Safari displaying garbage characters

Safari displaying garbage characters

So I troubleshooted by testing in the big 4 browsers, as I should have from the start. I also checked the NGINX server headers and didn’t notice anything too peculiar, although this one line started me wondering:

Content-Encoding:gzip, gzip

Shouldn’t there be just one gzip? Indeed there should have been only one (Neo, Neo), so I believed I was on the right track to solving the problem. But what would cause NGINX to output two gzips in the Content-Encoding header?

I knew that NGINX itself was configured to gzip html docs, so to confirm if NGINX alone was the culprit, I checked the headers from a non-WordPress site from the same server. Sure enough, the content encoding looked fine:


That’s when a lightbulb went on. Really, someone turned on the light in the room I was in. Bad jokes aside, I did figure the problem out, and it had to do with the WP Total Cache plugin I was using. WP Total Cache is a WordPress plugin designed to optimize WordPress for speed. One of the options is to compress pages before sending to the browser.

WP Total Cache Enable Compression Option

WP Total Cache Enable Compression Option

In my case, the option was checked. I unchecked this option and viola! No more garbage characters.

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