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The problem occurs when running NGINX, WordPress, and...
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Note: This is a solution in that it fixes the problem, but not really a full answer. Feel free to comment to fill in...
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I created a new posts category today, called "Riddle Me This". The category holds posts for my questions to which I can't find the...
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Solution You can manually use Google Webmaster's Tools sitemap submitter every time you update your blog. Or you can install
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I'm looking for a way to automatically ping Google with any updates to my blog. Currently I use the
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This one was easy. Solution: Add a comment. No comments in your blog = "404 file not found".
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Question: Why won't my Wordpress permalinks work with Nginx? Lately, I've taken a liking to Nginx (as opposed to Apache) for my primary web server....
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QUESTION: What Google adsense plugin meets my needs in Wordpress? I should start by saying that there are a *lot* of plugins offering to set...

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